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"If you want to move again, age well, get out of pain, avoid joint replacement therapy (and IF you’re approved for stem cell therapy by the Doctors at Apex), do yourself the favor of a lifetime and do a serious push back on the aging process with Stem Cell therapy. Very happy I did, now I get to play volleyball full-board again and both of my knee's are pain-free..I can actually lunge again!”

Tom Kipers,
Retired firefighter
Stem Cell patient of Apex Advanced Medicine
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Because I was told I was 'bone on bone' I didn't think I had any other options aside from surgery. I learned that wasn't necessarily true. Because of Stem Cell therapy in both of my knee's I am dancing, traveling and hiking's been thirty years since I've felt this good! Thank you!"

Grace Jones
Stem Cell patient of Apex Advanced Medicine
"My experience with Apex Medical has been amazing! The entire Apex team are over the top kind, truly caring about their patients and strive to make a genuine impact on their patients health. It's only been 3 1/2 weeks that I have been following their program protocol to good health and I can honestly say the changes have been fantastic. I look forward to my continued relationship with Apex. I know with Dr. Sarah/team at the helm, they will be leading the charge in helping me back to good/great health!!"

- Mireille Kennedy
"I can now travel with a 13 year old since stem cell injections into my hip! The next day I was very surprised to feel immediately better. I'm very grateful to be in the position where I don't need hip replacement surgery any longer. Thank you!"

Marilyn Woods
Stem Cell patient of Apex Advanced Medicine
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