Stem Cell Therapy Near Berkeley

At the time of their release, past medical procedures and medications were considered as being pseudo-medicine. Today they have included in the canon, and people tend to take them for granted because they know they have been proved to work. The same goes for stem cell therapy, which is still in its infancy, going through the same phase every other modern procedure has once gone through. At Apex Advanced Medicine, we consider stem cell therapy to be a fantastic opportunity.

The stem cell therapy near Berkeley is currently among the most popular medical procedures worldwide, with regards to the benefits it delivers, and to the full range of affections, it can be used for.

Although still new on the medical spectrum, stem cells have gained immense popularity due to three main reasons:

  • The procedure is non-invasive and comfortable
  • The effects are extensive, covering many diseases and conditions
  • There are virtually no visible side-effects

These three attributes should be enough to describe any futuristic medical procedure, except this one is here, right now. And that’s not all.

How do stem cells work?

Stem cells are, by any definition, the building material of the human body; of any living body for that matter. These are blank slate cells, initially formed to serve as raw material for the formation of specialized cells. Our bodies transform them into whatever it needs at the time, mainly during the pregnancy, when the embryo is in full development.

Stem cells are used to grow the embryo’s organs, members and other parts of the body, eventually turning the embryo into a fetus and the fetus into a child. This is the exact mechanism that the stem cell therapy near Berkeley hopes to trigger in patients with various health problems, who could benefit from the procedure. The best part is that these cells can continuously reproduce, offering an endless supply of material.

What are stem cells used for?

So far as we can tell, there are no limits to what stem cells can do. Some scientists have even claimed that they can also be used to help people grow organs and limbs in the future. And while that sounds more like a sci-fi theory, the following benefits do not:

  • Healing wounds and speeding up the body’s regenerative process
  • Treat spinal cord injuries and brain trauma
  • Effectively fight against coronary heart disease, prevent stroke and treat cardiovascular diseases
  • Decrease the impact of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and others similar
  • Reduce the effects of chronic pain, be it joint, muscular or bone-related
  • Boost collagen production, prevent the formation of scars and help with skin injuries
  • Thought to aid in treating autoimmune disorders like type 1 diabetes

The benefits don’t stop here because, although stem cell therapy near Berkeley isn’t new scientists are nearly at the beginning of analyzing its effects. The future holds many potentially groundbreaking discoveries, which is why we, at Apex Advanced Medicine, are so thrilled about it. It is a partially charted map, and what we have discovered so far is only a sample of the real potential we may yet discover soon.

Stem Cell Therapy Near Berkeley

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