Shoulder Pain Berkeley

Apex Advanced Medicine treats shoulder pain in Berkeley with innovative treatments and the newest technology. If you’re dealing with shoulder pain, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our staff to discuss options available to you. Your treatment will start with a thorough assessment to obtain a correct diagnosis. Once our physicians can determine the cause of your pain, we will create a treatment plan to begin healing.

Our Treatments Do More Than Medicate Pain

Regenerative medicine at Apex Advanced Medicine is the most progressive approach to healing available today. We use Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Treatments to heal arthritic joints and muscles- a better solution as compared to surgery.

If a physician has told you that you need joint replacement surgery to reclaim mobility or address pain, see us before you commit to an irreversible surgical procedure that could leave you in more pain than you’re in right now.

Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Treatments offer the following benefits:

  • Significantly less pain. Both of these procedures are virtually painless. Stem Cell and PRP injections leave no scarring and are minimally-invasive.
  • Lower Costs. Our regenerative medical treatments cost a fraction of surgery- more and more insurance companies are taking notice of the beneficial outcome of these treatments and are opting to cover the costs.
  • No Down Time. Our treatments can put you on the fast track for healing; in fact, you can go about your everyday activities while being treated in our facility. While surgery typically comes with many weeks, and often months, of downtime, that’s not the case with a regenerative treatment at Apex Advanced Medicine.

Is Pain Keeping You From Living Life to the Fullest?

Our physicians will perform an injury assessment before treatment to determine whether you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy. We use only stem cells from the umbilical cord of live, healthy birth babies. These stem cells, along with growth factors and proteins can stimulate your body’s own regenerative and healing abilities.

If stem cell therapy is the right call for your shoulder pain, Berkeley specialists from our facility will begin treatment involving non-surgical injections to the joints that are causing pain. You’ll experience no downtime whatsoever, and are free to maintain your normal lifestyle while your body begins the process of healing.

PRP May Be a Better Fit

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections are safe and effective in healing injury and eliminating chronic pain. Injections are typically prescribed at 8-12 week intervals; for many patients, healing takes place after the first injection, while others require 2-3 additional treatments to experience a full recovery.

If you suffer from shoulder pain in Berkeley, we offer some free resources on our website to help you better understand options that are available to you through our facility. From our homepage, you can connect to educational videos, schedule a consultation, or learn about our treatments visiting our ‘Services’ section.

Shoulder Pain Berkeley

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