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There is no denying that medicine has advanced immensely over the course of history, allowing us to find solutions to some of the worst problems in the past. In the late 1300s, the plague was murdering over 50 million people, accounting for up to 60% of Europe’s population at the time. Nowadays, the disease is almost eradicated, and this is but one example of how much medicine has changed the world. At Apex Advanced Medicine, we go one step further.

Regenerative medicine in San Ramon is, by all definitions, an upgrade to conventional medicine. It stands for tissue restoration and, despite having somewhat limited uses today, it shows great potential in a wide range of affections. The primary procedures refer to techniques such as tissue engineering, cell therapy, transplantation, and cellular regeneration, among other things.

So far, regenerative medicine has been tested and used on numerous patients, with a variety of health problems, and studies have shown that it can be used in:

  • Reducing the impact of free radicals, which cause cellular death, thus preventing diseases like cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s or heart disease
  • Preventing the body from rejecting organ transplants
  • Significantly delaying the aging process
  • Countering chronic pain
  • Stimulating the body’s regenerative properties and many others

One of the main advantages of this field of science is that the procedures have virtually no relevant side effects to talk about, compared to the chemicals and invasive procedures practiced by conventional medicine.

Types of regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine in San Ramon has multiple applicabilities, but three main procedures stand out from the rest as being the most popular. These are:

  1. Stem cell therapy

Undoubtedly the most popular of all, stem cell therapy uses our cells to increase the body’s regenerative properties. No foreign substances are used, and no chemicals or dangerous compounds are part of the process, which makes this therapy highly effective and safe. Stem cells can be collected from the umbilical cord of the fetus, post-birth, from adult’s blood, skeletal muscle or bone marrow.

  1. The Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (PRP)

This procedure is new in the field of medical science and relies on using the patient’s blood in the process. The clinician will extract some of the patient’s blood and will spin it into a centrifuge, separating it into different layers; poor plasma platelets, blood cells, and platelet-rich plasma are obtained. The clinician will then use the latter to inject it into the damaged site on the patient’s body. Since the patient’s blood is being used, the risk of infections, immunity response or any other side-effects are minimal.

  1. Tissue engineering

It may sound futuristic, but it’s not. Bioengineering is not a new concept, and it involves growing different types of cells in a contained environment and then injecting them back into the patient. This branch of regenerative medicine in San Ramon is meant to reduce the cellular damages and restore the tissue’s functionality.

Apex Advanced Medicine comes with some of the most acclaimed methodologies in the field of restorative medicine. This is the medicine of the future, and the future has already started.

Regenerative Medicine San Ramon

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