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The idea of biological regeneration sounds more like a science-fiction term, which usually brings forth images of limbs growing out of nowhere. But tissue regeneration is by no means a sci-fi notion. In reality, humans are capable of doing it just fine. Although we cannot grow members just yet, we can, in fact, regenerate our soft and hard tissues, and it is this phenomenon that we, at Apex Advanced Medicine are most interested in.

Regenerative medicine is a new branch of science dealing with an old concept. And PRP in Walnut Creek is one of the top procedures making use of the idea of self-regeneration. It is easy to visualize the notion of biological regeneration because that is precisely what happens during a physical injury (regardless whether we are talking about a fracture, a cut, a bruise, a burn and so on) – the body’s tissues will regenerate over time; the rate is usually slow, but effective nonetheless.

And it is this principle that lies at the core of the Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment, one of the most popular non-invasive procedures today, aside from the stem cells therapy. Despite being available for decades, it only now has started to come to the public’s attention.

What are the PRP injections?

The Platelet-Rich Plasma is a self-explanatory notion – blood plasma rich in platelets. The latter is also known as thrombocytes, and they originate in the bone marrow as byproducts of megakaryocytes. They have no nuclei, and their primary role is hemostasis (physically gathering at the site of an open wound and forming a barrier with the purpose of stopping the bleeding). This is the principle that the PRP injections follow.

This property of clotting the blood is what makes PRP in Walnut Creek such a useful procedure in a wide range of affections, including treating sports-related injuries and reversing the tissue damages at a cellular level. The PRP injections contain platelet-rich plasma extracted from the patient’s blood after it undergoes the centrifugation process, which synthesizes the compound.

Despite not being FDA approved with regards to all effects, many of the procedure’s benefits have been verified and confirmed within a series of animal and human trials. There is little doubt with regards to the benefits, which is good news for a lot of people in need of urgent treatment.

What are the PRP injections good for?

Initially, PRP injections were primarily used by athletes who were looking to recover from physical traumas, as well as speed up the recovery process, both during the off-season and in between the training sessions. Nowadays, there are many other benefits to be noted, including:

  • Arthritis and tendonitis
  • The tennis elbow syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis symptoms in the knee and the hip
  • The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction and many others

In essence, PRP in Walnut Creek is a procedure that’s meant to push regenerative medicine forward, in an era where the sci-fi will become the norm. At Apex Advanced Medicine, we are thrilled to see that more people are interested in the more innovative procedures, by that, opening the door to new, exhilarating opportunities.

PRP Walnut Creek

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