Platelet Rich Plasma Concord

The more the science evolves, the faster it develops, allowing for essential advancements along the line. Affections that were once considered incurable are now things of the past, and we keep moving in a direction where we probably won’t have any disease to speak of. Until then, however, we take it one step at a time and we, at Apex Advance Medicine, even afford the luxury of plunging into the unknown, using innovation as our guide.

Platelet-rich plasma in Concord (PRP) is one such innovative technique of dealing with classic affections, the type of which we generally treat with the help of medicine or utilizing surgical interventions. And, so far as we have been able to observe, this procedure will most likely play a significant role in fueling the advancement of the medical sciences.

What is the platelet-rich plasma and how is it obtained?

Our blood contains several ingredients, mainly red blood cells, plasma, white cells, and platelets. The PRP is obtained through a process called centrifugation. The clinician will extract some of the patient’s blood, will place it into a centrifuge and run the machine with the purpose of separating the platelets from the rest of the ingredients.

The centrifugation lasts about 15, after which the end product is mixed with an activator to obtain the injectable gel. The resulting substance will then be reinjected into the patient’s body, in the damaged area that requires treatment. Overall, the entire treating session shouldn’t last more than one hour to complete.

How is the platelet rich plasma used?

For the time being, the platelet-rich plasma in Concord is used for several affections, mainly those requiring increased regenerative power and more efficient healing properties. Our bodies have self-healing mechanisms in place. One such example would be the immune system, which uses the antibodies to eliminate infections and destroy the germs. PRP functions based on the same principle, this time using growth factors.

Growth factors are naturally-occurring substances whose central role is to support cellular growth, boost the organism’s regeneration and contribute to healing wounds faster and more effectively. With this in mind, the main areas where the PRP therapy is effective, include:

  • Chronic tendon and joint pain
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Ligament and muscle traumas, mostly caused by mechanic injuries
  • Arthritis and chronic pain and others

What’s even more interesting is that PRP is still in development. We have yet to figure all the benefits that may come with using this revolutionary medical procedure. We do know, however, that the side-effects are minimal to non-existent. The risk of adverse reactions is prevalent with traditional medical interventions, including surgical procedures and even medication.

Platelet-rich plasma in Concord is among the most innovative clinical procedures today, along with stem cell therapies and tissue engineering. At Apex Advanced Medicine, we consider that the future will be defined by the regenerative medicine, which focuses on avoiding chemicals, invasive procedures, along with anything that may cause side-effects and sometimes more severe adverse reactions. Medicine is an ever-evolving field, and we are the ones leading the progress.

Platelet Rich Plasma Concord

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