Knee Pain Concord CA

Are you dealing with chronic knee pain in Concord, CA? There are numerous reasons to choose Apex Advanced Medicine for alternative therapy when looking at your options for treatment. We offer our patients the hope of living life without the daily pain they may have been told was just a part of life due to injury or aging.

Why We Offer a Free Consultation

We believe we offer a tremendous value to out potential patients by providing a free regenerative cellular therapy consultation with our staff. There’s no obligation to follow up with treatment; however, we believe that by allowing us to assess your condition or symptoms, you’ll be in a better place to make an informed decision about treatment.

Unlike other medical facilities that rely on past medical history to determine future treatment, we provide a thorough medical evaluation to get to the cause of your knee pain.

We Offer Viable Alternatives to Surgery

We see many patients in our clinic who tell us their physician has advised them that surgery and a lifetime of pain medications are their only options for treating knee pain. If you fall into this category, we’d like to offer you the realistic hope that not only are there alternatives available, many times they are more effective than surgery.

Knee replacement surgery is not always a success. If you ask within your circle of friends, you’ll most likely find there are nearly as many stories that tell of failed surgery and mistakes as there are of successes. Perform due diligence before you make the irreversible decision to have surgery.

Our Process

We address knee pain in Concord, CA through alternative regenerative medicine, particularly Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma injections. Both are minimally-invasive treatments that require no downtime or painful recovery phase.

If the option of an alternative treatment that leaves no scarring, is no more painful than an injection and allows your body to begin healing itself sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, we’d love to tell you more.

We Specialize in Correct Diagnoses of Painful Conditions

For many patients, our evaluation may be the first time they are correctly diagnosed- a huge breakthrough that ultimately leads to the right treatment plan. Your evaluation will include x-rays and a thorough assessment.

If you’re a candidate for one of our regenerative treatments, we’ll schedule your first injection. Our Nurse Practitioners perform injections, which typically take about 20 minutes for the entire visit. There’s no waiting, no surgery, and nothing more invasive than the injection. Best of all, there are no long wait times to be seen by our staff. If you’re currently suffering from knee pain in Concord, CA, that means we’ll get the healing process underway quickly.

Schedule your free consultation to start living pain-free without painful surgery or extended recovery time. You can learn more about treatment options on our website by exploring the ‘Services’ section.

Knee Pain Concord CA

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