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Joint replacement surgery is quickly becoming one of the most-prescribed treatments recommended by doctors for patients dealing with pain. As more patients than ever undergo joint replacement surgery every year, it’s becoming clear that surgery is not always the best option. Patients who have undergone replacement surgery often speak of little to no benefit from having the surgery.

The proof of this revelation is evidenced by the fact that many patients who go through the painful and lengthy recovery process are advised by their physicians to undergo a second replacement within a short amount of time. Apex Advanced Medicine offers a better solution to joint replacement. Regenerative treatments in our facility can help your body heal itself.

Top Reasons Why Joint Replacements Fail:

  • Bacteria can latch onto metal and plastic implants, creating the perfect conditions for a severe infection to begin.
  • Soft-tissue surrounding the replacement is too weak to support the implant and ultimately do nothing to solve the original problem
  • Improperly placed implants can lead to a loss of range of motion rather than an increase
  • Small fractures surrounding the implant require revision surgery

Your Physician May Not Have Told You the Whole Story

A surgeon who is selling their services to patients may wish to highlight the potential benefits and gloss-over the potentially adverse effects that are sometimes a very real part of the surgery. If you’re currently seeing a joint pain doctor in Concord, CA, let them know you’re interested in exploring your options or ask for a second opinion.

Apex Advanced Medicine utilizes the newest techniques and treatments in medicine to speed healing and address joint pain. PRP and Stem Cell injections are a game changer for patients who are living with chronic pain.

Surgery is Irreversible

While surgery can be revised, it can never be undone. Minimally-invasive stem cell therapy and PRP treatments involve only an injection at the location of pain. Depending on how well the treatment works for you, complete healing may take place with a single injection; however, some patients require 2-3 additional injections.

No Scarring

Patients appreciate many of the advantages that come from regenerative medicine, which include lack of scarring that is a side effect of surgery. Injections are virtually painless, come with no downtime, and leave behind no visual reminders of the treatments that have taken place. Our patients are often surprised to learn that stem cell therapy and PRP treatments are no more invasive than an injection.

Patient- Heal Thyself

Regenerative treatments at Apex Advanced Medicine allow the body actually to heal itself. Except for the injection, your body will provide everything necessary for its healing.

You can learn more about stem cell and PRP treatments by contacting AAM and asking to speak with our joint pain doctor in Concord, CA. Schedule a consultation to discuss your objectives with our staff. We’ll help you determine the right type of treatment for your condition.

Joint Pain Doctor Concord CA

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