Concord Knee Pain Relief

Concord knee pain relief specialists from Apex Advanced Medicine treat pain through alternative methods- with tremendous success. If you’ve been told your chronic pain required prescription medication or surgery to manage pain, there’s a better solution available at AAM.

We see many patients in our facility who tell us they have a surgery date pending or have been prescribed a pain medication they are expected to take for years- or for life. We’ve seen the results that come from treating patients using the newest therapies available- like Stem Cell therapy and PRP.

Why Surgery Should Be Your Last Option

Physicians prescribe surgery for one simple reason- it’s all they know. They’ve spent a career selling surgery to patients who come to them thinking they’ve exhausted all other options and are afraid that without the surgery, they’ll spend a lifetime living with pain.

As a patient, it’s your obligation to yourself to explore all of your options and determine which one is right for you. We highly recommend putting off a surgery date until you have looked at alternative treatments at Apex Advanced medicine.

Surgery is Irreversible

Your doctor may have told you that if something should go wrong during surgery, it can be fixed with a second procedure. That’s not the same as reversing the damage done during surgery. Cutting into the body’s tissue and muscles is an irreversible process. The healing process can do much toward restoring the body to function again, but it can not reverse or erase what has been done.

Why Regenerative Medicine is Superior to Surgery

Our facility’s Concord knee pain relief physicians have seen first-hand how regenerative medicine benefits the body. Using Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Injections, our staff provides a unique opportunity for the body to heal itself.

Following a complete assessment of your condition or symptoms, we’ll determine whether you’re a good candidate for one of our treatments. A minimally-invasive injection or series of injections through Stem Cell Therapy or PRP are all that are involved. You can maintain your current lifestyle with an expectation of increased activity levels and reduced pain. Speak with our staff during a consultation to better understand the results you can expect through treatment.

Everything to Gain

You have nothing to lose by consulting with our staff regarding treatment. If you’re currently seeking Concord knee pain relief alternatives to knee replacement surgery, we can provide the information and second opinion you’re looking for. Regenerative Medicine at Apex Advanced Medicine is more affordable than surgery, comes with no downtime, and is the most natural solution to healing.

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Take advantage of free resources located on our website, like our blog library that’s filled with informative articles, our ‘New Patient’ section, and our FAQ question and answer page. We’d like to offer you a free regenerative cellular therapy consultation in our clinic- call to schedule the consultation when it’s convenient for you. There is typically no waiting for the initial evaluation and x-rays.

Concord Knee Pain Relief

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