Berkeley PRP Therapy

During World War I, a limb fracture was almost synonymous to an amputation. The same was the case throughout the 18th century, when treating fractures was extremely painful, with uncertain results, and with an extremely high risk of infections and death. Over 75% of those who suffered surgical amputations died due to infections. The same happened with open wounds in many cases. Jump forward several centuries, and Apex Advanced Medicine and its rich-platelet plasma therapies sound otherworldly.

Medicine is advancing, and the Berkeley PRP therapy is one of the most innovative we have today regarding healing wounds, aiding in bone regeneration, and treat muscle, joint, ligament, and skeletal problems, to name a few. But if we are to name one significant benefit that everybody appreciates, then we would have to mention the alleviation of chronic pain.

Chronic lower back pain is one of the most common affections in the US, but this statement alone doesn’t fully explain the grim situation nationwide. The following numbers will, though:

  • Clinicians estimate there are between 50 million and 100 million Americans with chronic pain in various stages
  • Over 25 million people experience chronic pain daily
  • More than 23 million adults have declared that they regularly encounter extreme pain thresholds
  • Approximately 76 million individuals have reported pain lasting 24 hours or more in one session
  • It was estimated that, over their lifetime, more than 80% of the American adults would suffer from back pain
  • In an effort of self-treating their condition, over 2 million people have reported abusing prescription opioids
  • Approximately 20,000 of them died as a consequence in 2015

In this context, the Berkeley PRP therapy comes as a life-saving mechanism for people who would otherwise find only pain and suffering.

Is the rich-platelet plasma therapy effective?

The short answer is “yes.” The longer one needs detailing, and by that, we mean explaining the three crucial aspects that build the foundation of the procedure:

  1. PRP is obtained from patient’s blood – More precisely, the clinician will extract a certain amount of blood, whose size usually depends on the condition needing to be treated, will place it in a centrifuge and will fire the centrifugal process. The procedure will separate the rich-platelet plasma from the blood cells, which the expert will then combine with topical bovine thrombin and calcium chloride (10%) to obtain the final product.
  2. PRP aids the body’s processes – Simply put, the PRP will cause hemostasis (stop the bleeding), and support the formation of the natural growth factors, whose leading role is to deliver regenerative tissue properties.
  3. There are no side-effects – This is because the substance is extracted and synthesized from the patient’s system. As a result, the risks of immune reaction, cross-reactivity or infection are virtually non-existent.

At Apex Advanced Medicine, we promote the Berkeley PRP therapy as one of the most effective and safe procedures for treating chronic pain, sports-related injuries, arthritis and joint problems and speed up the natural recovery process of the body. In a world where suffering is omnipresent, the PRP therapy is an oasis of relief, allowing for a happier, pain-free life.

Berkeley PRP Therapy

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