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Regenerative medicine is a new and exciting branch of conventional medicine, with one crucial twist – it relies on more than the proven, and steps into the more experimental part of the medical science. In essence, conventional medicine as well is has been or still is experimental in some areas because this is how advancement is achieved. At Apex Advanced Medicine, we believe that innovation is the heart of medical advancement.

Every Bay Area regenerative doctor is aware of the fact that medicine is an ever-evolving domain, where the bad is always trimmed from the good, and this is precisely what regenerative medicine does. Although nowadays we have successfully beaten a wide range of affections, we still have countless others to fight with, one of the worst being chronic pain.

In this context, regenerative procedures have proven to be very useful at delivering faster and more effective results, with virtually no side-effects to be mentioned.

Compared to other experimental technologies or procedures, regenerative medicine currently has FDA clearance for the treating:

  • Cartilage damages, resulting from severe mechanic trauma
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Topical mucogingival conditions
  • Periodontal defects
  • Bone fissuring or fractures and several others

One of the best parts of this newly developed medical branch is that it delivers no visible side-effects. The procedures rely on the patient’s biological functioning and, without any chemicals or foreign compounds being used, the risk for adverse reactions is minimal.

The benefits of regenerative medicine

A Bay Area regenerative doctor has many new methods at his disposal, two of which are currently the most popular: stem cells and PRP injections.

  1. Stem cells

It all came to public’s attention back in 1998, when Bill Clinton issued a request to the National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC), asking for extensive researches on the matter of stem cells. Two decades later and past an entire cacophony of legislation controversies, bans, and political and public firestorms, and we now have multiple studies confirming their effectiveness in a wide variety of affections. Stem cells are obtained from in-vitro embryos, the spinal cord of adults, blood and even the musculoskeletal mass.

  1. PRP injections

Platelet-Rich Plasma is another advanced treating method relying on building a compound made out of the patient’s blood. A sample of blood is extracted from the patient (the size of the sample depends on the severity and the nature of the affection needing treatment, and it is introduced into a centrifuge, where the centrifugation process will split the substance into red blood cells and platelet-rich plasma. The latter is then injected back into the patient where it will instill regenerative properties, forcing the body to heal naturally.

Every Bay Area regenerative doctor knows that the benefits are quite a few, including:

  • Soft tissue and bone regeneration
  • Alleviating chronic pain
  • Boost cellular recovery
  • Prevent the occurrence of pain and tissue damages in the future
  • Treat heart disease and stroke damages and so on

Apex Advanced Medicine is a pioneer in the field of medical advancement. Everything we do is for our patients and the future of our species.

Bay Area Regenerative Doctor

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