Bay Area Plasma Injections

Fortunately for us, humans, science behaves like a living organism – it changes, it evolves, and it adapts to the environment. Due to science, we have been able to advance and polish medicine, so as we can approach more diseases and disorders more efficiently. At Apex Advanced Medicine, we are pushing medicine one step further.

One of the most revolutionary methods of improving and treating many conditions today is the method of Bay Area plasma injections.

Plasma injections are currently gaining more supporters as time passes, mainly due to several crucial features:

  1. The procedure is non-invasive, painless, and comfortable (it lasts about an hour in total)
  2. The risk of infections and adverse reactions is virtually non-existent since clinicians use the patient’s blood in the process
  3. It can be used to treat a broad array of health problems
  4. It functions by supporting the body’s healing mechanism
  5. Multiple studies on both animals and humans have revealed extensive benefits in tissue healing and bone regeneration

But probably one of the most welcomed benefits is the fact of fighting against chronic pain, and this aspect alone is enough to attract people in mass.

How do plasma injections work?

Plasma injections are also called platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP), function based on platelet-rich plasma – a substance which is synthesized from the patient’s blood. The clinician will collect some of the patient’s blood (the amount being collected depends on the affected area in need of treatment) which he will then introduce in a centrifuge for the next stage. The centrifuge will eventually fracture the blood, obtaining the platelet-rich plasma, which will then be mixed with a platelet activator – 10% calcium chloride and bovine thrombin – to achieve the final substance.

The Bay Area plasma injections will then be used to deliver the substance into the affected area, where they will immediately trigger the patient’s system to produce growth factors, as well as other substances like vitronectin and fibronectin. These will induce hemostasis (blood clotting), allowing the wounds to heal faster, and will activate and enhance the body’s regenerative properties, treating joint pain, muscle, tissue, and bone problems.

What are plasma injections good for?

Although not being FDA approved yet (something all drugs and medical procedures had gone through when they were deemed innovative, resulting from pioneer work), numerous studies are showing that the PRP procedure is useful in:

  • Lowering the incidence and the severity of chronic pain
  • Assist in wound healing, mainly linked to sports injuries
  • Counters the symptoms of tendonitis
  • Controls the manifestations of osteoarthritis
  • Can be useful in treating hair loss
  • Provides support for maxillofacial surgical interventions
  • Speeds up the post-surgical recovery process

These are just some of the benefits of the Bay Area plasma injections, as many others are thought to be proven shortly. At Apex Advanced Medicine, we know how severe and debilitating chronic pain can be. Over 100 million Americans experience chronic pain problems, with 25% of them battling it every day. PRP is the technology of the future – a future where pain and suffering will be just distant nightmares of a nearly forgotten past.

Bay Area Plasma Injections

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