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Bay Area Joint Pain

Bay Area joint pain experts at Apex Advanced Medicine are committed to providing a correct diagnosis and treatment plan for your condition. If you’re experiencing pain, you may be thinking about surgery as a way to deal with the pain, however, surgery does not always solve the problem of pain. Look into non-invasive treatments at our facility or call us for more information.

Shoulder Pain Berkeley

Let our physicians treat your shoulder pain in Berkeley with minimally-invasive, effective treatments that require no surgery or downtime. Our staff at Apex Advanced Medicine are on the cutting-edge of treating chronic pain with regenerative treatments that help the body heal itself. Reach out to us for more information on treating pain.

Stem Cell Therapy Near Berkeley

Apex Advanced Medicine provides stem cell therapy near Berkeley for our patients who are experiencing pain and other symptoms that typically do not respond well to traditional medicine. We’ll perform an injury assessment to get to the heart of the issue, followed by a treatment plan that involves no down time, surgery risks or lengthy recovery.

Bay Area Functional Medicine

Bay Area functional medicine specialists from Apex Advanced Medicine can uncover the root cause of your pain and provide treatment that really works. If you’re thinking about surgery to relieve pain, schedule a consultation with our staff before you commit to a radical form of treatment that is irreversible.

Bay Area Plasma Injections

Are you looking into alternative treatments for pain in the Bay Area? Plasma injections may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. If you’re a candidate for PRP treatments, a minimally-invasive injection may be able to help you get back to living the life you used to live. Schedule a consultation with our staff to find out more.

Bay Area PRP For Chronic Pain

Find out about Bay Area PRP for chronic pain by visiting Apex Advanced Medicine online. We speak with patients every day who are considering irreversible surgery and are willing to gamble their health to try and achieve pain relief. PRP is non-invasive and has proven to be effective as a treatment for chronic pain.

Bay Area Regenerative Doctor

Choose a wiser approach to health by contacting a Bay Area regenerative doctor from Apex Advanced medicine. We offer a progressive approach to healing and addressing pain related to arthritic joints and muscle strains. Stem Cell and PRP treatments are quickly replacing traditional surgery as they are considered far safer and more effective in relieving pain.

Bay Area Stem Cell Clinic

Are you currently searching for a Bay Area stem cell clinic? Apex Advanced Medicine uses innovative stem cell therapy to stimulate the body to regenerate damaged tissue and joints. We use stem cells derived from the Umbilical Cord of live, healthy birth babies. Consider our treatments if you’re dealing with pain.

Bay Area Stem Cell Therapy

If you live in the Bay Area, stem cell therapy is a treatment that is available to you. Apex Advanced Medicine uses stem cell treatments to address chronic pain and conditions that keep patients from experiencing life to its fullest. You can learn more about treatment with stem cells by clicking the ‘Services’ link on our website.

Berkeley PRP Therapy

Opt for non-invasive Berkeley PRP therapy at Apex Advanced Medicine to treat pain and injury. PRP injections promote natural healing because your body provides everything necessary to accelerate its own healing. Best of all, PRP leaves behind no scars- unlike traditional surgery for pain relief. Learn more about affordable PRP on the Apex Advanced Medicine website.

Concord Knee Pain Relief

Concord knee pain relief is available from Apex Advanced Medicine through Stem Cell Therapy and PRP treatments. If you thought you had to live with pain or endure surgery that may or may not prove effective, there are alternative treatments available through our clinic that can address pain and help your body start to heal.

Joint Pain Doctor Concord CA

See a trusted joint pain doctor in Concord, CA from Apex Advanced Medicine and explore options your doctor may not have told you about. Many patients believe surgery is their only option for pain relief. Today, effective treatments include stem cell therapy and plasma rich platelet treatments in our clinic.

Knee Pain Concord CA

Treat knee pain in Concord, CA with alternative treatments that require no surgery or downtime. PRP and stem cell therapy are two of the latest treatments we are able to offer at Apex Advanced Medicine. We help patients experience relief from chronic pain without surgery or prescription medications that typically do little to help.

Platelet Rich Plasma Concord

Experience the benefits of platelet-rich plasma in Concord. PRP therapy is an affordable, alternative treatment that delivers better results when compared with surgery- and leaves no scars. If you’re thinking about surgery for relief of chronic pain, talk to our staff about PRP therapy before you commit to something that is irreversible.

PRP Consultation Concord CA

Contact our staff at Apex Advanced Medicine to schedule a PRP consultation in Concord, CA. If you’re living with chronic pain, there’s a more affordable, more effective treatment than traditional surgery. We can get to the heart of your pain issues, provide a correct diagnosis of your condition, and create a treatment plan to help you start healing.

PRP Therapy San Ramon CA

PRP therapy in San Ramon, CA is affordable at Apex Advanced Medicine. If you’re facing an expensive, irreversible surgery to address chronic pain, we have a solution that costs less, is less invasive, and can heal your body instead of radically cutting into tissue. For additional information on PRP, or to schedule a consultation with our staff, call our office now.

PRP Walnut Creek

PRP at Walnut Creek area’s Apex Advanced Medicine is the right choice for chronic pain. Cutting into healthy tissue does not always relieve pain- and it comes with significant downtime. Our platelet-Rich Plasma therapy involves injections that leave no scars behind and allow your body to begin the healing process on its own.

Regenerative Medicine San Ramon

Regenerative medicine in San Ramon is currently available at Apex Advanced Medicine. Our physicians offer two types of minimally-invasive treatments: Stem Cell Therapy, and Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. If you're facing an expensive surgery with significant downtime, you should know there are options available to you that come with no downtime or scarring.

Stem Cell Doctor Walnut Creek

Are you looking for a qualified stem cell doctor in Walnut Creek? Our physicians at Apex Advanced Medicine use the latest in stem cell medicine to treat chronic pain and injury. Our patients tell us that they appreciate the fact that we use stem cells taken from the umbilical cord of live, healthy birth babies.

Walnut Creek Knee Pain Therapy

Contact our clinic in Walnut Creek for knee pain therapy that delivers results. Apex Advanced Medicine is on the leading edge of new techniques and technology for more effective treatment through minimally-invasive and non-invasive treatments. We use PRP and stem cell therapy to do what surgery often cannot do.

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